What is Surf Anywhere???

Going on vacation, visiting colleges, hitting up the local hot spots? Why not take Fells Point Surf Co with you? Surf Anywhere is a contest designed for you, our devoted customer. So come in, grab a tee, and get your camera ready! Show us how you rock our Surf Anywhere T-shirt!

How it works:

  1. Receive the FREE Surf Anywhere T-shirt from either location (Fells Point or Kenilworth)
  2. Take the T-shirt on vacation, college visits, sporting events, local hot spots, etc
  3. Then have someone take a picture of you in the T-shirt at the chosen location.
  4. Send the picture to the store via e-mail to marketing@fpsurfco.com (jpeg format). Include your name and city (Hunt Valley, Towson, Baltimore, etc) and the location of the picture. Check out all the postings on , and our blog found on www.fpsurfco.com !!!
  5. Various prizes will be awarded each month!

Above are some examples. Bartending in Fells Point, Hanging out in Baltimore and Las Vegas, Snowboarding in CO, Chik fil A at Iron Birds Game