Charm City. . . Greener Than You Thought

Images borrowed from:, Algerina Perna Baltimore Sun,,

We aren’t the only ones in Baltimore trying to be eco-friendly, the city as a whole is becoming more environmental friendly over the years. A few things to bring to people’s attention are the Green Map, CharmCity Circulator, Fairfield Inn & Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor, and the floating wetlands in the Inner Harbor.


If you are visiting Baltimore or even a Baltimorean than you can’t go wrong with checking out Baltimore’s Green Map. It can be found online. It  is an interactive map displaying all businesses and attractions that are considered “green”.


Fairfield Inn & Suites Inner Harbor is the first green hotel with LEED certification. There are a few things that make this hotel green, and one is their green roof that contains a 30 ft tall grain silo that captures rainwater and recycles it for the hotel’s landscape irrigation. Also, they use skylights to access as much sunlight as possible, and all their effort leads to a 24% energy efficiency above the required.


Everyone is aware that the Inner Harbor isn’t a place for swimming or fishing but there are efforts in trying to change that fact. The Waterfront Partnership is a nonprofit that looks out for the Inner Harbor and their newest attempt is creating floating wetlands. The idea is to place them in the Inner Harbor in hopes that they will consume pollutants and produce oxygen in hope of cleaning the water. If this process works, then maybe in 10 years or so we will be able to take a dip into the water!


Charm City Circulator is the new means of public transportation that is not only FREE for all but also reduces greenhouse gas pollution in the city. There are 21 eco-friendly buses that travel along three routes.

Green Route: City Hall > Fells Point > John Hopkins

Purple Route: Penn Station > Federal Hill

Orange: Hollins Market > Harbor East