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Monday, November 15th, 2010

What are you supposed to do with a skateboard deck after it’s completely thrashed? If you’re designer Beck Hickey of Beck(y), you turn them into killer, hand-crafted one-of-a-kind bags.

The recycled decks, crafted in her New York City studio, are mixed with plush, high-end fabrics, creating a contradiction that Beck says, “fuels my creativity.” She alters the boards as little as possible in order to maintain the integrity of their original design, something she feels is extremely important. The result is both unique and fashion-forward.

In order to keep the skateboards coming in, which are donated to her from a variety of sources, and to give back to the community, she created the Boards 4 Bowls program, in which she donates to a variety of non-profit organizations dedicated to building/maintaining public skateparks around the country for every skateboard she receives.

You can check out Beck(y)’s collaboration with Element (shown above) here and here.


Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


As October winds down, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end, we wanted to take some time out to highlight the Keep A Breast Foundation, a non-profit organization on a mission: 

“…to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being. “

KAB has several unique campaigns to raise awareness: the Original Keep A Breast Art Events where plaster molds of the female torso are customized by artists and auctioned to raise funding for breast cancer; the This is My Story Campaign which uses written and video testimonials of young people impacted by breast cancer to help them make connections with others and learn coping strategies; the Treasure Chest Program allows newly diagnosed women the chance to turn a cast of their torso into art; and the I Love Boobies Campaign, which is a line of t-shirts and bracelets aimed to speak to young people about a topic that can be scary or taboo to discuss.

Click here to check out stories from pro surfers Lisa Anderson, Kassia Meador,  Megan Abubo, and more!

Check out the KAB online store to pick up a bracelet or t-shirt, or simply make a donation. And, of course, please go to to learn more about prevention, early detection, and ways you can help.

Get Fired Up

Friday, September 24th, 2010

left: magnifying glass on driftwood, right: blowtorch on shutter

Ever heard of Pyrography?  Walker Babington, a former local artist now based in San Francisco, has been experimenting with this technique of creating pictures on wood through a burning process for years. Using found objects like shutters and wood panels as the base for his larger-than-life portraits, he creates haunting portraits through a variety of burning methods, including a blow torch and magnifying glass. He also experiments with other non-traditional techniques and media including grip tape, candle wax, and scratched wood. Most recently he installed a 480 square ft. mural in Bangalore, India at a place called Jaaga. Seriously, How cool is this stuff?

left: scratched tabletop, right: griptape on skateboards

left: candlewax on canvas, right: candlewax on wood

mural in Bangalore, India